PowerFULL Women

We are inviting you to be a PowerFULL Woman! Join us at our Roundtable Talks where we discuss what it means to be PowerFULL and how we as women can confidently stand in our own power to bring much-needed equality to society's out-of-balance power structure.

Introducing the first

PowerFULL Women Roundtable Talk

Be part of the inaugural Roundtable Talk of this brand new series hosted on International Women's Day 2022. The PowerFULL Women Roundtable Talks will host successful and trailblazing women from diverse backgrounds discussing their own experiences and tribulations stepping into their power and paving their paths to success. Often these women had to navigate climbing the business ladder as one of the only women, or one of very few women at their respective leadership levels.

We want to empower women to own their power, trust their ambition and claim their success. These talks will help shed a much-needed spotlight on the unique challenges we face as women and how we can best overcome them so we can be powerFULL.

VIP Tickets are available exclusively when you pre-order Jenna Banks’ book titled “I Love Me More: How To Find Happiness & Success” releasing March 8, 2022.

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Roundtable Talks

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Let's continue celebrating PowerFULL Women WITH THE Book Launch After-Party
  • Get exclusive access to the Book Launch After-Party, where Jenna Banks will talk openly about her journey to writing the book – I Love Me More: How To Find Happiness & Success Through Self-Love.

VIPs will receive a journaling template to compliment the book, a 30-min Meet & Greet with the author,  and a LIVE performance from Ada Pasternak. 

You’ll get to hear Ada’s hit single, Perfectly Imperfect.

To qualify for free VIP access, you just need to pre-order ‘I Love Me More’ by Jenna Banks and complete the VIP registration. 

Our International Women's Day (March 8) PowerFULL


Sherry Deutschmann

Serial Entrepreneur, Author, and passionate advocate for Entrepreneurship

Jennifer Pestikas

SVP, Business Development, Host of the Brave Women at Work Podcast

Dr. DeYonne Parker

Author, Executive Producer, TV & Podcast Host,
Co-owner of Gem Makers, LLC

Susan Sloan

Speaker, Author: A Seat At The Table: Women, Diplomacy, And Lessons For The World

Audra Agen

Accenture Operations Leader - Host of Women in the Arena Podcast

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Hosted By

Jenna Banks

Social entrepreneur, Public speaker, Author, Host

Jenna is the author of the book “I Love Me More: How To Find Happiness And Success Through Self-Love” releasing on March 8, 2022. She is host of The Jenna Banks Show, a video series aimed at helping women live to their fullest potential. Jenna is also co-founder of Tiger Feather, a women’s and girls empowerment brand on a mission to change the way moms and their daughters relate to themselves.

Jennifer Faught

President and COO of BrainTrust

Jennifer is an entrepreneur and fierce champion for women in business. For the past 3 years, Jennifer worked with high-performing companies in growth strategy and accountability as a Certified Scaling Up Coach. Jennifer is no stranger to scaling a business – she scaled and exited her second company in 2017. In her role at BrainTrust, she is helping women business owners drive revenue growth.

VIP After Party Musical Performance By

Ada Pasternak

Ada Pasternak is an LA-based Singer/Songwriter & Virtuoso Violinist who was born in Moscow to a musical family.

A child prodigy and Virtuoso Violinist, Ada was awarded a Full Tuition Scholarship to Berklee College of Music, where she discovered her passion for Songwriting.

Ada moved to LA and has been performing, writing and recording, recently landing a song placement in a #1 Netflix movie, LOVEHARD.

She will be performing her hit song “Perfectly Imperfect” during the VIP after party / book launch party. This song has become the honorary theme song for Jenna Banks’ new book titled “I Love Me More”.

Sponsored By

A huge thanks to our sponsor BrainTrust Ink for their generous support of this first PowerFULL Women event!

BrainTrust Ink is a publishing imprint that gives a megaphone to the voices of those who champion the equality of all people. BrainTrust Ink features titles with strong voices, narratives, and stories that nullify societal biases and inspire others to do the same.

BrainTrust Ink seeks trailblazers, industry leaders, and disrupters with strong voices and a powerful story to share.

Interested in becoming a BrainTrust Ink author? Click the link below to visit the website or reach out to contact@braintrustink.com.

About the Founder

JENNA BANKS is a social entrepreneur, public speaker, author, podcast host, real-estate investor, and self-love advocate focused on women’s empowerment and gender equality.

Having survived a traumatic upbringing, as well as a nearly fatal suicide attempt, she was able to thrive in the business world, despite being armed with only a high school equivalency diploma.

Since successfully exiting her marketing products business in late 2019, she’s now focused on what she feels is her higher purpose: to help shed a light on the unconscious social norms that hold women back from embracing their own power.

She wants to help women STOP freely giving all their power away and start understanding their true value and worth.

PowerFULL Videos

Step into your power with these empowering episodes

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Tips For Women To Get Ahead At Work

Tips For Women To Get Ahead At Work . As women, there are some things that specifically, as the female gender, that we do–or don’t do–that tend to prevent us from going as far in our careers as we could.

How To Become Wealthy Even After Bankruptcy

How To Build Your Own Micro Empire

Financial tips and ways that you can grow your wealth and your empire from the ground up even starting from a place of bankruptcy as we both had to do.

The Truth About Embracing Ambition

Kesley Smith and Jenna Banks shine a light on the topic of ambition as it relates to women.

While many women feel like they are ambitious, research shows that most don’t want to identify as “ambitious”.


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